GFP-32C fiber distribution box

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The GFS-32C distribution box  has been designed for wall mounting. Made of plastic PC  in gray, it provides resistance to low and high temperatures, and UV radiation for outdoor installations. The degree of protection for the device is  IP65  (6 – Dustproof protection, 5 – Protection against water jet poured onto the housing from any side). The box is equipped with 12 blind holes (fig . 1,2) . Depending on your needs, it is possible to break specific plugs for fiber optic cables. The inner boxes are equipped with a hinged plate  (photo 3) with mounting columns for two PLC splitter housings (1×16 or 1×8) with holes for fiber optic adapters SC / PC, SC / APC, SC / UPC simplex, and LC duplex (fig . 4.5) . Under the plate there are two screw-on fiber optic trays for  12 splices each (photo7.9.9) included in the product range. The device has been adapted to manage and organize fiber optic cables. The GFS-32 distribution box is a suitable solution for building local area networks, broadband FTTx telecommunications systems, and CATV systems.

– Dimensions: 420x340x130 mm
– Weight: 2.6 kg
– Protection rating: IP65
– Capacity of the welding tray: 12
– Number of trays: 2
– Operating temperature: -25 ° C ~ + 75 ° C
– Color: Gray
– Cable hole diameters: 4x⌀34 mm, 4x⌀28 mm, 4x⌀17 mm.

Accessories included:
– Two splice trays
– Splice shields : 24
– protective tube
– plastic cable ties
– Metal clip (U-bolt clamps)
– Rubber plugs
– screws and plugs for wall mounting
– key to screw the closing cap

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