Clamp / clip with teeth

Product description:

Clamps / clips are used to tighten tensioned straps to create solid tie wraps in many industries. The cufflinks are made of corrosion-resistant and weatherproof stainless steel. They are an ideal solution for fastening and fastening requiring high strength, strength and durability. The properties of TELCOLINE terminals ensure their long life and resistance to harmful weather conditions, including low and high temperatures, UV radiation. They are resistant to tearing, tolerate heavy loads and vibrations well. Thus, they guarantee reliable fastening without disturbing the construction of columns, masts, trusses or chimneys.

• Clamping of tensioned straps

. Technical data:

• Sheet thickness: 1.51mm
• Dimensions: 43.21mm x 21.72mm 
• Clamp dimensions: 21.43mm x 5.07mm x 12.23mm
• Made of stainless steel.
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