Extraction clamp for flat cables (5x13mm) 1kN metal, openable

The I-ODWAT-22-O extraction clamp is intended for suspending flat self-supporting cables (with a maximum width of up to 13mm and a height of up to 5mm ).
The purpose of the extraction clamps is to tension the ADSS cables between the spans. The haul-offs enable the line endings and its tensioning to be realized.
Thanks to the extraction part with the opening eye , the handle is universal and can be installed on open or closed brackets.
The complete handle consists of 3 elements made of stainless steel ensuring resistance to harsh weather conditions and UV radiation: Locking body, blocking wedge and Extraction part in the form of an opening ear installed on the bracket.
•  Bracket used for hanging flat cables, among others: for FTTH, FTTx networks
•  High wedge grip strength
•  Does not damage the outer sheath of the cable
•  Compact and compact construction made of high quality stainless steel, mechanical resistance and weather conditions, resistant to weathering UV
•  Tool-free assembly ensures quick and efficient installation
• Opened ear of the extraction partTechnical data:
•  Weight: 50g
•  Handle length: 250mm
•  Length of the hauling part: 190mm
•  Mechanical strength:  1kN
• A wide range of flat cable dimensions up to 13mm wide   and up to  5mm high

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