Fiber optic splice tray 12

The T-TACKA-12 fiber optic splice tray (cassette) is an injection molded serial product made of high quality  white ABS . The tray consists of two parts, a casing and a hinged lid. The housing is adapted to store fiber optic splices protected by heat shrink splice protectors. The tray can be used in the construction of telecommunications networks based on single- and multi-mode fiber optic cables. The capacity of the tray is 24 welds, at the same time it is possible to use it as a rack of fiber optic pigtails. The product has been designed in a way that allows you to connect the same trays in stacks through hinges for later maintenance and management at distribution points. The product is intended for installation in sleeves, distribution boxes, fiber optic boxes, for this purpose it has 4 mounting holes with a diameter of 4mm  on the back wall of the housing.


1. Management and storage of fiber optic splices in casings
2. For use with single- and multi-mode optical fibers
3. Durable plastic housing and injection molded lid
4.4 holes for mounting the tray
5. Tray capacity 24 welds
6. Possibility to combine trays in stacks via designed hinges
7. Adapted for installation in internal and external joints, cans
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