FIBERHOME 12J ADSS, optical cable

Single-thread FIBERHOME 12J ADSS flat fiber cable┬ádesigned for overhead installations on spans up to 60 m. The outer shell is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE, black), resistant to UV radiation, and low and high temperatures (from – 40 [┬░ C] to 70 [┬░ C ]).┬áThe cable was reinforced with two FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) rods with a diameter of 2 mm, embedded in the outer shell.┬áThe centrally placed tube with 12 optical fibers is filled with a hydrophobic gel that protects them against the ingress of water molecules and vibrations.┬áSingle-mode G.652D fibers were used, characterized by a reduced “water peak”, and the minimum bending radius for the cable is 60 mm (the possibility of bending only in one plane).┬áIn addition, one ripcord was used to facilitate the removal of the outer sheath of the cable,

– Fiber type: Single
–┬ámode┬á– Fiber type: G.652D
– Fiber quantity: 12
– Number of tubes: 1
– Tube diameter: 2 mm
– FRP bar diameter: 2 mm
– Dimensions: 7.7×3.8 mm (Width x thickness )
– Minimum bending radius (for the cable): 60 mm
– Outer shell: HDPE – black
– Weight: 36 kg / km
– Operating temperature range: from – 40 [┬░ C] to 70 [┬░ C]
– Tensile strength: up to 1 kN
– Crush strength: 3 kN

– Overhead networks

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