GFP-32C fiber distribution box

The GFS-32C distribution box¬†¬†has been designed for wall mounting.¬†Made of plastic¬†PC¬†¬†in gray, it provides resistance to low and high temperatures, and UV radiation for outdoor installations.¬†The degree of protection for the device is¬†¬†IP65¬†¬†(6 – Dustproof protection, 5 – Protection against water jet poured onto the housing from any side).¬†The box is equipped with¬†12¬†blind holes¬†(fig¬†.¬†1,2)¬†.¬†Depending on your needs, it is possible to break specific plugs for fiber optic cables.¬†The inner boxes are equipped with a hinged plate¬†¬†(photo 3)¬†with mounting columns for two PLC splitter housings (1×16 or 1×8) with holes for fiber optic adapters SC / PC, SC / APC, SC / UPC simplex, and LC duplex¬†(fig¬†.¬†4.5)¬†.¬†Under the plate there are two screw-on fiber optic trays for¬†¬†12 splices¬†each¬†(photo7.9.9)¬†included in the product range.¬†The device has been adapted to manage and organize fiber optic cables.¬†The GFS-32 distribution box is a suitable solution for building local area networks, broadband FTTx telecommunications systems, and CATV systems.

– Dimensions: 420x340x130 mm
– Weight: 2.6 kg
– Protection rating: IP65
– Capacity of the welding tray: 12
– Number of trays: 2
– Operating temperature: -25 ¬į C ~ + 75 ¬į C
– Color: Gray
– Cable hole diameters: 4x‚ĆÄ34 mm, 4x‚ĆÄ28 mm, 4x‚ĆÄ17 mm.

Accessories included:
– Two splice trays
–¬†Splice shields¬†: 24
– protective tube
– plastic cable ties
– Metal clip (U-bolt clamps)
– Rubber plugs
– screws and plugs for wall mounting
– key to screw the closing cap

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