Post bracket I-Y01

The I-Y01 post bracket is designed for use in overhead telecommunications networks. It is mounted to the pole with screws or stainless steel tape. Then, other components of the overhead networks can be mounted to the bracket, such as guy clamps or loop-through clamps, which are used to tension the cables between the spans. The design of the bracket provides excellent properties for dedicated overhead networks: it is light (galvanized steel) with a simple and solid structure, and above all, it is designed to shorten the installation time to the necessary minimum. This bracket has a hook structure (open), so that virtually every handle can be hung with it without the need for additional components.

Characteristic features / application:
-Material: galvanized steel
-Weight: 0.5kg -Dimensions
: 63x74x55mm -Mesh
diameter: 25mm
-Mounting method: screws / bolts or stainless steel tape
-Diameter of holes for screws / bolts: 5mm
-Length of the cutout for the tape : 30mm
-MBL: 2.5kN
-Solid fastening for other components of overhead telecommunication networks