Steel strip, 50 m (20×0.7 mm)

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TELCOLINE I-TS-C201-50 steel strips they are used to create solid fastening bands in many industries. The tapes are made of corrosion-resistant and weatherproof stainless steel, packaged in coils of 50m in a durable plastic packaging with a practical handle. They are an ideal solution for fastening and fastening requiring high strength, strength and durability. Packing in practical containers allows you to adjust the length of the tape section to the specific requirements of your work, reducing the amount of unnecessary waste. The properties of TELCOLINE tapes ensure their long life and resistance to harmful weather conditions, including low and high temperatures, UV radiation. They are resistant to tearing and stretching, they tolerate heavy loads and vibrations well.

Characteristics / application:
– Stainless steels
-Compact housing with a handle for easy unwinding and moving the tape
-Installation of overhead network components such as brackets, handles, hooks
-Possible application in various industries: telecommunications, energy, mining, road, transport, agriculture, forestry, construction, industry (chemical, petrochemical, military, electrical, automotive)
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