Telcoline 2J FTTX FLAT DROP,G657A

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Telcoline 2J FTTX FLAT DROP,G627A

The Telcoline 2F FTTX Flat Drop cable is a flat, self-supporting cable. Single-mode G.657A1 fiber with a reduced bending radius of 10 mm was used. Two FRP reinforcing rods (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) with a diameter of 0.4 mm (Fig. 3) and an additional 1 mm steel wire were used. The shell is made of LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) โ€“ UV resistant. Ideal for overhead last mile mounting.

โ€“ Number of fibers: 2
โ€“ Fiber type: G.657A1
โ€“ Shell color: Black
โ€“ Dimensions: 2ร—5 mm (thickness x width) โ€“ Fig. No. 3
โ€“ Weight: 19.5 kg / km
โ€“ Working temperature: -35 ยฐ C ~ + 65 ยฐ C
โ€“ Minimum bending radius: 10 mm
โ€“ Tensile strength: 600N (short term) and 300N (long term)
โ€“ Crush resistance: 2200N / 100 mm (short-term) and 1000N / 100 mm (long-term)

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