Universal bracket F-WS

The F-WS universal bracket is intended for use in overhead telecommunications networks. It is mounted to the pole using stainless steel tape. It is also possible to mount it on a flat surface, e.g. a building facade, by drilling mounting holes and fixing it with screws with dowels. Then, other components of the overhead network can be mounted to the bracket, e.g. strain reliefs or through-loop brackets, which are used to tension cables between the spans. The bracket design provides excellent properties for dedicated overhead networks: it is light (galvanized steel) with a simple and solid construction, and above all, it is designed to reduce installation time to the necessary minimum. This bracket has a closed structure,

Characteristics / application:
-Material: galvanized steel
-Weight: 0.6 kg
-Dimensions: 100x50x47mm
-Installation method: stainless steel tape, optional after drilling holes: bolts / screws
-Belt interior width: 44mm
-Length inside of the cell: 94mm
– Wall thickness: 3mm
-Solid attachment for other components of overhead telecommunications networks